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Day 7: NYFW Fall 2012 RTW


Sometimes I think it would be easier to just list the words that pop into my head for each look as they come down the runway… I think it’s how people really review shows anyway, so I’ve included some of mine here too. BTW, Marchesa’s word list was not great, check them in bold…

Marchesa has never really made the grade in my book. Each collection just strikes me as a mess of tulle and lace. haphazardly staple-gunned onto the nearest piece of inoffensive fabric lying around. Fall 2012 was no different.

The presentation ran a bit of a Gosling vibe. Ryan Gosling? Oh, no - I wish. No, goslings… like baby geese. That’s all I could think about as each little puffball number flounced down the runway in a cloud of feathers and froth. All very Taylor-“aw, shucks!”-Swift sugary sweet.

Some gowns went the way of virgin princess nightie territory, others went virgin warrior, complete with gladiator heels. At one point, things got radical (for Marchesa at least) with laser cut looks. But it was short-lived before returning to the swan princess extravaganza.

The liquid gold number was my pick of the bunch, perfect for the Oscars (hey, if you want an Oscar, you gotta dress like an Oscar!) As for the rest of the big gowns? Same-same, same-same, same-same. No, seriously, that’s all I wrote down between rolling my eyes.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate everything. But I would be really excited if, for once, Marchesa dropped the glue gun, the tulle and the Disney Princess vibe. A little bit of elegant, understated chic never hurt anyone.