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Day 2: MBFWA 2012
Morning – Zimmermann, Maticevski

The breakfast slot on Day 2 belonged to the Zimmermann sisters, Nicky and Simone. Clearly old hands at this game, the girls served coffee and pastries to the sleep-deprived crowd and kept them eating out of the palm of their hands long after the show started.

Their cruise collection, ‘Clique Clique’, stayed true to the Zimmermann aesthetic – soft pastels and florals in mint green, marbled pinks and punctured peaches. The eyelet detailing throughout the collection added delicate details and texture to ethereal layers that floated over slim cropped pants, and under structured trench vests.

Outside the show, we spotted Candice Lake working her lens, overheard Susie Lau order a taxi in the most polite way known to man and snapped models monkeying about before we headed back to the OPT compound.

While Zimmermann remained girly and light, Toni Maticevski delivered a more mature, ladylike elegance during his morning show at The Tent.

The tightly-edited show produced structured shapes and demure silhouettes. Peplums and chartreuse tones, two of the most common trends for Spring Summer 2012/2013 evidently, were plentiful. Heavily-beaded versions of the former created elegant curves on neutral pieces while the latter appeared in draped forms on Grecian dresses and relaxed trousers. Maticevski also played with brocade and metallic fabrics, going heavy on the sequins and embellishments in muted seashell tones while throwing dramatic shaping onto sharp jackets.